Posted on May 26, 2016

Chris Diienno: This is a monumental year not only for the American Society of Perfumers, but for perfumers across the globe. As president of the ASP I could not have been more proud to support a competition of artistry involving perfumers across the world. When we first conceptualized this event, I was ecstatic to be able to be part of what will be an historic event within our industry.

Judging the many submissions that were presented for this competition was not only an inspiring undertaking, but a humbling one at that. The wonderful submissions and intricate work that was completed was astounding. You could tell that each of the submissions were made with the heart and soul of the perfumer.

With over 125 participants and 100 final submissions presented, the response and excitement about the competition was overwhelming. It was truly an honor and privilege for each of us on the judging panel to evaluate these submissions.


When all submissions were accounted for and present, the judging finally began. As with all judgment there is a ruthlessness about selecting different works and comparing their attributes. I truly wish they could all win. With all of the entries, the passion and dedication that was put into each formulation was apparent. The unfortunate truth is that there can only be one winner. Many unique and daring chances were taken in many submissions, and we as perfumers ourselves appreciate all the concepts.

Our initial judging session compared and contrasted 100 samples all blind coded. Addressing concepts of inspiration from the sandalwood, originality and balance. These basic parameters were applied throughout the three additional judging sessions, and will follow into the upcoming final.



5 rounds of judging

1st round - 32 selected from 100 submissions

2nd round – 16 selected

3rd round – 7 selected

4th round - 5 finalists

It was not an easy task for our panel of three accomplished perfumers to select just 32 entries. Thorough cross comparisons and identification of unique combinations allowed us to decide. The next sessions were even more difficult due to the vast array of fragrance directions; both new twists on classical origins and far more out of the box creations, some even bordering on extreme, that still remained in the mix. These presented even harder decisions for the 2nd round judging panel of four. In the end we begrudgingly whittled down the entries to the remaining five.

I want to congratulate all of the participants for the fantastic works that they presented. Not one was offensive or simple in character. All were competitive and beautiful works in their own right. We hope to inspire future creativity and support for our art with this friendly competition. I look forward to the selection of the winner and applaud all that were daring and participated.

Be Daring,

Christopher Diienno



American Society of Perfumers

Next week

We announce the finalists next week - and the winner will be announced on the 12th June 2016.